Sage 50 “Unable to Determine Security Privileges” Error

Are you peacefully running Sage software, and suddenly your window displays a message: Sage 50 “Unable to Determine Security Privileges” Error? When another user temporarily blocks access to important files, the problem is understandable. The major cause behind this error is the sudden shutdown of the Sage application and the corrupted.dat files. However, there are other causes in the line that triggered this error. Stick to this article and decode the error to eliminate it from your system.

Below, we have mentioned the major causes behind the appearance of Security Privileges Issue Sage 50, and according to that, we provide you with tried and tested solutions that help you remove the error from its roots. Read the below pointers carefully and follow them to have a glitch-free procedure:

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What is the Sage 50 “Unable to Determine Security Privileges” Error?

When the user attempts to open the corporate data, they receive the Sage 50 “Unable to Determine Security Privileges” error message. According to the analysis, the problem occurs when the system has a corrupted data file or when the user erroneously shuts down the software. As a result, the files are unable to correctly update themselves and are left in an incorrect condition. Because of this bug, you may lose recent transaction data, and totals are unable to update correctly, affecting several files in your software and impeding workflow.

Thus, eliminating this issue is becoming one of the most essential tasks for Sage 50 users. In accordance with certified experts, users should first try to understand the root of the error. The below section of this guide is dedicated to the additional causes. Please take a look!

The Reasons Behind Security Privileges Issue Sage 50

Here are the possible reasons for the emergence of Security Privileges Issue Sage 50. Know the root cause and target directly on that to kick out the issue permanently:

  1. If the US version is unusually terminated.
  2. In case you are trying to create a new company from scratch on an external device.
  3. The pervasive is not running properly or might be damaged.
  4. When the company folder was restored, it was damaged.
  5. When the workstation fails to connect to the company file.
  6. Poor connection at the time of operating the Sage 50 software.
  7. In case the workstation is failing to connect to the company file.
  8. When the comprehensive is stuck or might be damaged.

How to Terminate Sage 50 Unable to determine security privileges

Follow the below mentioned troubleshooters to eliminate the “Unable to Determine Security Privileges” Error in Sage 50 from your system:

Method 1: Restart the Pervasive Service Using a Messaging Machine

Our very first troubleshooter is restarting the pervasive service on the messaging machine. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • First, you have to close Sage 50 applications on all the computers.
  • Now, on the server, click on Windows + R to open Run Windows.
  • In the type box, enter Services. msc and hit OK.
  • Then, search the Comprehensive PSQL Workgroup Search Engine Service.
  • Stop the service and restart it again.
  • At last, try to fetch the company data to see the status of the Sage 50 Won’t Detect Security Privileges Error.

Method 2: Close the Company Information Page

When you try to open a company file on one system while another system has an active company information window, you may receive a security privileges error. To fix this, simply close the window named company information page on the other workstation and then try to open the company data again.

Method 3: Clean the Company Folder

To clear the company folder, you have to discover the company directories and then clean out the company folder. To make the user understand the process more easily, we have divided this method into two steps. So, carefully read and follow the same without skipping any steps:

Step 1: Find the Company Directories File in Sage 50
  • First, identify the company directory files and click on the Maintain option.
  • Now, hit on the Company Information tab.
  • Then, open the Window.
  • Here, you have to search the directory line, as only this will allow you to search the location to launch the company.
  • Hit the Open Company button. This will automatically locate all the companies in the listed data path.
  • This will showcase your no-company open window.
  • Then, use the main Sage page to open an existing company.
  • Navigate to the directory column and check out the history of opened companies with the location of the company file.
  • At last, search for the particular company data folder.
Step 2: Remove the listed files below to clean the company folder
  • Cosess.dat
  • Alarm.dat
  • All files of type DDF
  • All files of type DATtemp
  • All the files of type MKD
  • All files of type PTR
  • All files of type LCK
  • All files of type DATptl
  • Connco.dat
  • All files of type RPT
  • All files of type PTL

After deleting all the files stated below, check to open the company data if your screen is still displaying the “Unable to determine Security Privileges” Issue in Sage 50. If yes, then you do not need to panic. Follow the next method:

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Method 4: Restore the Company Backup in the New Company

Follow the steps mentioned below to take a correct backup of your company to the new company:

  • Firstly, you have to click on the File option.
  • Now, hit on the Restore option and hit on the Browser.
  • Select the Desired backup.
  • Hit on the Open and select the Next option.
  • Then, choose the opt restore method stated below:
  • Overwrite existing company data or an Existing Company.
  • Another is to use the restored data and create a new company.
  • Or a New Company.
  • After following the above steps, you now have to restore the backup to the new folder. Don’t worry; this will not overwrite your existing data.
  • Click on Next and select the desired restore option:
    • Costomized Forms
    • Web Transactions
    • Company Data
    • Intelligence Reporting Reports
    • Business Intelligence Reports
  • After selecting the restore location, hit the Next tab.
  • Here, you have to verify the restore options.
  • Then, click on the Finish tab.
  • When the restoration is completed, the Company will open.
  • Lastly, confirm that you can now open the company.

Method 5: Restart All The System & servers

When all the steps listed above fail to rectify the issue, you simply have to restart all your computers, including the server. This will help in removing any glitches found in security privileges. After you reboot the system, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • It is a technical network, so it is important for the users to log out of Sage 50 software.
  • Then, restart all the workstations, including the server.
  • Log in as a new user and then log in from another device.

Method 6: Use the Program Repair

The Sage 50 provides a few free tools to maintain and remedy internal issues. These free tools assist users in resolving glitches by simply installing them. Sage 50 Database Repair Utility is one such popular program for repairing damaged data or company files from Sage 50 Desktop. Follow the steps outlined below to learn how to use this tool:

  • First, click on the Start button and move your cursor to the search field.
  • Now, Enter appwiz.cpl and hit the Enter tab.
  • Launch the Programs & Featured button.
  • Then, hit on the Sage 50 Accounting option and click on the Change tab.
  • Select the Repair button and hit the Next tab.
  • Here you will run the Repair tool.
  • Lastly, hit the Finish tab and start installing the program updates as required.

Method 7: Reinstall the Pervasive Services Sage 50

  • To search the installation folder, you are required to locate the location Sage50\Sage_[version].
  • Then, click on the PervasiveMin folder.
  • Run the advanced version file SetupWorkgroup32_x86.exe.
  • Now, to accept the pervasive database service license agreement, you have to hit the Next tab.
  • Click on the option named Run as a Service, and it will automatically complete the process.
  • Lastly, hit the Finish tab to save the applied changes. And check the persistence of the Sage 50 Unable to determine security privileges Issue.
Ending Note!

It is now time to conclude this blog. We hope that our tutorial has assisted you in decoding the Sage 50 Unable to Determine Security Privileges error. This guide is primarily designed to simplify complex technical procedures so that users who are unfamiliar with computer components can comprehend the pointer and implement it efficiently without the assistance of an expert. The causes listed above assist the user in learning more about the fundamental cause of the issue’s appearance. So, the users directly target the root to permanently remove the mistake from your system. Please contact Sage Technical Support Team number if you require individual expert assistance.

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