Resolve Sage 50 HR Unable to Contact Remote Server Error

Sage 50, which is one of the most widely used accounting software, offers its users an array of amazing features. One such common feature is Sage HR resource planning, which provides users with a cloud-based accounting management platform. The system will help manage HR work for businesses of all sizes. However, sometimes users encounter glitches that hamper the working flow. One such common disturbance is the Sage 50 HR Unable to Contact Remote Server Error.

Not to fear! It is a frequent mistake that can be remedied independently, without the need for professional assistance. Scroll down below for a comprehensive explanation of the Sage 50 HR error. Furthermore, you will be provided with troubleshooting techniques that can be utilized to resolve the error.

What Causes Sage HR Unable to Contact Remote Server Error

Understanding the reasons allows the user to select the best solution for the application. As well as assisting them in permanently resolving the error. Read the following points carefully to understand what causes the Sage HR Unable to Contact Remote Server Error:

  1. When your system’s Firewall is blocking the Sage Ports.
  2. If you are using the wrong server name in the configuration file.
  3. One more reason for the Sage 50 HR error is the incorrect setting of the HR user’s Windows account.
  4. The implementation files needed to run Sage are disabled.
  5. When there is insufficient access to the system holding the HR data.

What are the Indicators for Sage 50 Hr Error

In certain instances, the software may not immediately alert the user of the error through a message; instead, it may display indicators that the error has been left behind in the system upon entering. Furthermore, the majority of users are unaware of this; thus, we are here to educate you on prevalent symptoms that serve as indicators of the problem’s emergence:

  1. The firewall does not support the Sage 50 software.
  2. The HR users are having a problem logging into their Windows accounts.
  3. You are not able to access the system that holds the HR data.
  4. There is a glitch while entering a server name.
  5. For running the Sage software, you are not able to upload an executable file.

Essential Points to Keep in Mind

Before diving right into the solutions, you should keep a few things in mind. Consider the following suggestions carefully and follow them to ensure a smooth functioning process:

  1. Whether you are using an individual workstation or a personal system, make sure you disable antivirus or firewall in both cases.
  2. If you want to take a backup or restore the data, you are required to follow the following steps:
    • Users of Windows Vista, 7, Server 2008, and 2011 click on Program Data and then hit the SageHR option.
    • To find the Sage 50 HR file in Server 2000, 2003, or Windows XP, you have to click on Documents and Settings.
  3. Then, hit All Users and select Application Data. Here, you will find the Sage HR option.

How to Fix Sage HR Unable to Contact Remote Server Error

Hopefully, by reading the above-stated pointers on symptoms and causes, you will be able to know the Sage HR Unable to Contact Remote Server Error perfectly. Now that you are ready to implement our expertly guided solutions to fix the issue, buckle up and start the procedure:

Method 1: Re-start the HR Services

Sometimes, simply relaunching the application helps the users correct the error. However, there are a few technical procedures that must be completed in order to relaunch the software successfully:

  • First, right-click on the My Computer icon.
  • Now, hit the Manage option and select the application and services.
My Computer then click Manage option
  • Click on the Services tab.
  • Thereon, double-click on the SageMySQL Service.
  • Hit the General tab and change the Startup Type to Automatic.
  • Then, hit the Save tab.
  • Select the Service Status as Started and click on the Save button again.
  • Lastly, connect your Sage 50 HR to the client system.

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Method 2: Revise the Configuration file

If the above solution fails to resolve the issue, then don’t worry; this step will definitely help you eliminate the Sage 50 Hr Error from its roots.

  • To start the procedure, you first have to open the Windows menu.
  • Now, move your cursor to the Search Field and search for your word.
  • Hit on the Windows Explorer option.
  • Next, navigate to the ProgramData and hit the Sage option.
  • Click on HR and right-click on the Configuration.xml.
  • After that, hit the Open With option.
  • Thereon, choose your own custom program and hit on the Notepad option.
  • Here, you are required to search for “remoting server=”, which will display on your screen as one of the following:
    • The remote server=”localhost.”
    • The remoting server=”HRservername.”
  • After selecting, click on the File and hit the Save option.
  • Again, press on the File.
  • Click on the Exit button.
  • Lastly, shut down the screen and access Sage 50 HR.

Method 3: Configure the Sage 50 HR Services

Learn how to configure the Sage 50 HR Service by simply following the points stated below.

  • Firstly, you have to click on the Start button.
  • Now, move your cursor to the Control Panel and double-click on it.
 Control Panel setting
  • Choose Administrative Services.
  • Click on the Services option.
  • Then, right-click on the Sage 50 HR Service and hit the Start button.
  • Choose the Browse option.
  • Hit the Location button and click on the +icon.
  • Furthermore, choose the appropriate domain name.
  • Hit the OK tab and select the Advanced option.
  • After that, choose the appropriate user name and click on the OK tab.
  • Log on to your page while using your credentials.
  • Click on the Apply option and press the General tab.
  • At last, select the Start buttons and access Sage 50 HR Services.
Ending Note!

Congrats! You are successfully able to resolve the Sage 50 HR Unable to Contact Remote Server Error. In case you need additional information or are stuck in the middle of the process, don’t panic; take a deep breath and contact Sage 50 support Team. Our professionals are there 24/7 to patiently listen to your queries and provide you with immediate solutions that will quell your doubts and make you experts in your Sage 50 application.

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