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Are you unable to activate the Sage 50 application? Does it contain an error message such as “Sage 50 accounting could not be started“? Then surely your data path is incorrect, or the program you are utilizing is incompatible with Windows. Not to fear! You’ve come to the right place; this guide is designed specifically for you. here you will get a thorough grasp of the issue’s concealed expectations, which will be revealed later in this blog. If you want to learn about the approaches that can assist you in resolving the problem, read this article until you successfully undertake all of the solutions.

Describe: What Sage 50 Accounting Could Not Be Started Error?

Sage 50 application, one of best accounting software which is loaded with a ton of useful features which helps small and mid size businesses manage their accounting clutter. Despite its usefulness sometimes the users find it hard to open the application due to a technical glitch, which is known as Sage 50 accounting could not be started. The issue commonly appears on the database engine used by Sage 50 U.S. Pervasive frequently causes this by either not sharing at all or going missing. Another reason could be that you are using an old version of the Sage application, which causes numerous issues with the software. To learn more about the causes, read the sections listed below.

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What Caused Sage 50 Could Not Be Started Error?

Understanding the issue can be one of the essential things that the user has to know before implementing the steps. Listed below, we have compiled a few common reasons why Sage 50 accounting could not be started because Microsoft.NET arrived. Let’s take a look:

  1. When the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is not able to connect.
  2. The Microsoft.NET Framework error in Event Viewer.
  3. The company folder contains damaged reports.
  4. There is an issue with the pervasive.
  5. When your program files become corrupted or damaged.
  6. In case your Data Path is wrong.
  7. The firewall is blocking Pervasive or other Sage 50 files.
  8. When your Data Path file is missing or damaged.
  9. The damaged user profile or shortcut.
  10. When you run the program in compatibility mode.
  11. Norton 360 by Symantec blocks the program when you do not have enough space available on the hard drive.
  12. Recently, you found a virus or malware on the computer.

Quick Fix: Sage 50 Accounting Could Not Be Started Error

We hope that by reading the above steps, you are able to understand why Sage 50 accounting could not be started correctly. The solutions, supervised by our knowledgeable technical staff, are now ready to be put into action. Make sure you thoroughly read the steps first and then follow them without skipping any pointers.

Method 1: Identify & Reboost Actian Service

When your service is missing or unable to restart, you will receive the Sage 50 accounting could not be started error. This impedes your workflow and makes your program data hazardous because every issue has the potential to harm an important corporate file that you cannot afford to lose.

Note: We divided this lengthy procedure into distinct stages to facilitate user comprehension and enable them to resolve the issue. Thus, prior to implementing it, kindly peruse each step thoroughly:

Stage 1: Check that the Sage 50 application is installed on the server
  • First, press the Windows + R keys together.
  • Here, in the search box, type Appwiz. cpl and hit the OK tab.
  • Then, search for the Sage 50 Accounting Version.
  • In case you are not able to find the application, then follow the installation instructions and install it.
  • Click on Continue to proceed to the next step.
Stage 2: Manually Reinstall the Actian
  • After following the above steps, Uninstall and reinstall the Actian database engine.
  • Now, launch the Program.
  • In the Program section, check the status of the error.
Stage 3: Check the Damaged Operating System
  • While operating windows are damaged, follow the error message “There was a problem activating…”
  • If there is an issue with the document, then kindly repair it by following the instructions displayed on the screen.

Method 2: Restore the Sage 50 Application Shortcut

If, by following the above steps, you are not able to fix the issue, then try to recreate the Sage 50 application shortcut. Follow the below-mentioned points to eliminate the Sage 50 accounting could not be started Windows 10 error:

  • Start the procedure by right-clicking on the Sage 50 shortcut.
  • Now, delete the Sage 50 application shortcut.
  • To make a Sage 50 shortcut, browse for its Program Path.
  • Then, browse the Sage 50 Program path and right-click on the icon.
  • Choose the option to recreate the Sage 50 application shortcut.
  • Navigate to the Sage.exe file and right-click on that.
  • Lastly, hit the send option and navigate to your system desktop.

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Method 3: Check the Compatibility Settings

Most of the time, the user encountering Sage 50 accounting could not start the Windows 10 issue when they were using an old version of Windows that was not compatible with the Sage 50 application. To check the compatibility setting in your system, follow the points stated below:

Check the Compatibility Settings
  • Firstly, right-click on the Sage 50 icon on your desktop.
  • Next, choose the Properties tab.
  • Select the Run this program in Secure Mode option.
  • Here, the editor access is open; type the key code as [k0w16].
  • Hit the Continue tab and press the OK tab.
  • Lastly, shut down the Sage 50 properties window.

Method 4: Re-start the application and run it as an Administrator

Sometimes, software may pause in the middle of an operation; this is a fairly typical occurrence on all devices. In that situation, restarting the device would be the optimal course of action. To resolve the Sage 50 accounting error that could not be started, reinstall the application and execute it as an administrator by adhering to the instructions below.

  • You have to be an Administrator to see all the files and folders in your system for that to browse to the Location.
  • Now, hit the Sage50_20xx_xprogram-files (where xx is the year and _x if it exists in the product update number).
  • Click right on the Run as Administrator option.
  • Next, hit on the Repair option to fix the problem.
  • Lastly, allow the installation process to complete.

Method 5: Cross-check the Data Path Permissions

check the Data Path Permissions

If running your application as an administrator is still not able to get rid of the issue, then check the data path permissions by following the below-listed pointers:

  • First, you have to disable the User Account Control (UAC) by pressing the Windows + R key together.
  • Now, in the Search bar, type “useraccountcontrolsettings“.
Search bar, type "useraccountcontrolsettings" and hit ok
  • Hit on the OK tab and move to the slider bar to Never Notify.
  • Next, click the OK tab and hit Yes when prompted.
  • Lastly, restart the computer.

Method 6: Reboost the Pervasive Workgroup Engine

Restarting your Sage 50 application as a pervasive workgroup engine is one of the most effective ways to remove the Sage 50 accounting error. Below are the instructions that can help you implement the solutions correctly:

the Pervasive Workgroup Engine
  • To start, you have to press the Windows + R keys together.
  • Then, type Services.msc. And hit the OK tab.
  • Select the Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine.
  • Now, click on the Restart tab and double-click on the Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine.
  • After that, hit the Recovery tab.
  • Choose to restart the Service in the First Failure.
  • In the drop-down boxes, select the Second Failure.
  • Furthermore, set the Reset Fail Count to reset after one day.
  • To complete the process, hit the OK option.
  • Lastly, launch your Sage 50 if you are able to open the application without an error.

Method 7: Repair the Damaged Reports Folder

The issue name as Sage 50 accounting could not be started and error emerged due to the damaged reports folder. To repair this without any glitches, follow the instructions stated below:

  • Firstly, you have to exit the Sage 50 application for all the systems on the same server.
  • Now, to see your system host, browse the location.
  • The data could be hosted by this server.
  • Then, change the name of the server.
  • At last, hit on the Repair Tool Symbol, and you are done with the processing.

Finally, we have arrived at the conclusion of this blog. We hope that the information provided above assists you in decoding the problem. And successfully resolving the Sage 50 accounting error could not be started. If you are experiencing any problems or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Sage 50 Accounting Support Expert Team. Professional advice will undoubtedly provide you with the ideal solution to all of our problems.

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